extremely thincloth Short Tank

It is transparent, it has a shiny fabric. It is a short tank top like a bra. The length is short. (About 8 cm) Suitable for people with chest measure less than 110 cm.
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MATT low-rise jump out Boxer

The main body is thick and solid swimsuit material, only the front penis part is made of soft and well extended microfiber cloth. The main part and the front part differ slightly in color, but I think that how it looks will differ depending on conditions such as lighting. The penis is popping out in the front. But this part is not made too big. For a person with a long penis, the fabric stretches well. It is shallow low rise, it is a pleasing wearing comfort. Since it is a soft fabric only on the part of the penis, comfort is pleasant.
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Micro fiber ErectionHalfback

Very shallow. The part of a penis is rather small. A penis stick out . (For the top) It's steady, and, the cloth with the soft surface.
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M back bikini

The bikini which looks like SPEEDO. It isn't a swimsuit, so there isn't an inner at the front. It's thick and is a steady cloth. When it gets wet with water, white is transparent little. There is a fitting feel done tight.


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