pack a penis tightly

A hanger-on of the hemisphere form is lucky before. A string is put through the root of the drawstring purse and is a feeling to push a willie into a drawstring purse.
Because the drawstring purse is not an elephant type and is a half sphere, I push it tightly and am the feeling that it becomes rib crunching.
It is used to tighten it when I tie up the root with a string, and it is in the punishment game state that a penis is put under ban of erection while it is small.


Big Dick Jump out

The body is fake leather (artificial leather) fabric like leather.
The previous penis part becomes sheer and very good.
Only the top and the bottom is held and a side part isn't being sewn, so to make projecting good it's possible to take a penis out of the side.
By the material which doesn't develop and the body is steady putting feeling.
A penis part is soft and develops very often.


Small Shallow Sexy Bikini

It's rather thin, but the surface is steady, and 2WAY fabric with NUMERI sense.
It was very shallow and small, but it was able not to float and to put it on tightly aside of the Tama.
It's shallow, so the bottom will be Hann bottom.


MATT long Boxer

The luxurious spats type long boxer made with rather thick swimsuit fabric tightly.
There is a steady fitting feel, but with the size I have to spare and it's strangled and isn't put too hard.
The small size, please for the person who would like to do tight.
The length (horizontal position)
43 centimeters of S 45 centimeters of M 48 centimeters of large
Size S is size 85 centimeters-about 90 centimeters of hip.
Size L, size 98 centimeters of hip-
The place is an aim.


Penis Sack and Ring Strings

Only the upper part of the penis which became solid is wrapped, and there is a ring (made of 5 centimeters of inside diameter and ABS resin) in the root, and, Tama, bare, it'll be.
Even about 7 centimeters of entrance where a penis is inserted improves in 3 centimeters of diameter, so everyone enters first.
The length of the penis part develops up to about 15 centimeters for 10 centimeters.


Dick belt and Sexy leggings

It seems to be the right picture, it is, and it's brought to the front through the thigh bottom from the rear and it's put on.
A penis and Tama are wound by rubber together and it's held by a magic tape.
He's let through from the thigh bottom, so it'll be the feeling to pull a penis to the lower part, so at the time when the person who would like to turn to the bottom welled up, a penis, levelly, I'd like to do, it can be used.
It's T. Buck type of a of length, but it's thick rubber, so the back is the feel by which a GU only way braces a crack in the bottom.
The inside diameter of the circle can be controlled at the part which fixes a magic tape.

KH274 Grasp inner Rubber Thong