Ccolorful long Boxer

Texture is comfortable.
The material for strong swimsuits.
A tight feel.

The length is 32 centimeters.
When it's put on, it'll be 40 centimeters-about 48 centimeters (the length from the waist upper part to the foot).

The hip size fits a person of 80 centimeters-about 98 centimeters.
A Rise becomes rather shallow.

KH525 Ccolorful long Boxer




Side open thin cloth shorts with Inner rubber

An inner of rubber is inside, and penis is being lifted. Very, bulge.

There are 2 buttons in both sides, and it's possible to open the side.

It's the running trunk type, but it's very shallow.

It's the cloth which is thin and doesn't extend and is transparent little.

KH319 Side open thin cloth shorts with Inner rubber




Cotton low-rise Boxer

soft comfortable Feel S、M、L

By soft cotton cloth and waist rubber also isn't solid and is easy putting feeling comfortably.

A front cup isn't also that tight.

It's the rather shallow low rise type overall, but without tightening up, it's easy.

KH502 Cotton low-rise 502 Boxer




MEN'S Leotards

It's light and is the cloth which extend much.

It's one size, but a cloth extend much, so most people from 160 centimeters of height to about 190 centimeters fit.

It's the shape for ordinary sports which aren't that so much sexy.

KH348 2WAY MEN'S Leotards




Peachy butts

shallow、peachy butt Emphasis

Rather thin cotton cloth.

It extend much, so it's shallow, but it's easy to put on and it fits much.

There are size S,M,L.

KH505 Cotton low-rise 55 Boxer



Penis Restriction Choker Belt

A hook is hung on a collar.
A ring is shown into a ball and a penis.
(There is nothing in the back only at the front side of a body.)

Because 3 circles move freely, it can be controlled according to the size of the penis also it's possible to remove a circle.

The lengthwise length (from upper end of metal fittings to the ring upper end)
40 centimeters (It's elastic, so, it extend up to 90 centimeters.)

40 centimeters of collar environment (It's elastic, so, it extend up to 90 centimeters.)

KH190 Penis Restriction Choker Belt




sexy men's suspenders

There is a hood for penises in Front part of suspenders.
The time of normality puts back in the inside, and it's big and sticks out.
Try expanding the right picture into the shape of the hood.
The length of the hood is about 6 centimeters from Front part upper end.
(It extend up to about 15 centimeters.)
Even a shoulder extend up to about 100 centimeters for about 50 centimeters from the thigh bottom, so the length of the whole can put everyone.
It's thin, is soft and is the SP 2WAY cloth which extend very well.

KH244  SP2WAY Hooded suspenders



low-rise 55 Boxer

Size L is recommended to the person who doesn't like being shallow.

Texture is the comfortable swimsuit material.
The putting feeling it fits tightly rather shallowly overall.

The person who likes tightness shallowly recommends to choose small size.

The person who likes deep recommends to choose large size.

KH500P MATT low-rise 55 Boxer