SSN extremely thin smallish Halfback

Very little. It does not cover all of the penis. Very thin. A transparent fabric.



SSN extremely thin smallish thong

Very little. It does not cover all of the penis. Very thin. A transparent fabric.




Penis Belt Super low-rise Boxer

a rubber belt is on inside the previous cup. This rubber belt is a magic tape, it seems to hold, it is, and it's wound on base of a penis and a ball and it's used. By winding by a belt and the whole penis is to be pressed, increase the volume and tighten the root at the front, and it becomes easy to erection. If anything it's suitable for the person who does a penis to look down. A forerunner has the volume to the lower way, and cloth also extend, so only a penis is satisfied with the person with a big penis much, too. But it's shallow overall, so it'll be Harf Butts.


cock ring,Attachment,Super low-rise,bulge,Boxer,underwear


Luster tight Rio-Back

It's light, is glossy and is steady cloth. Very shallowly, it has the sense tightened up. The bottom is the small Rio back type, and it's easy to rip into the bottom. A rather hard tightening sense suits a favorite person. The front is shallow, so if it erections, it sticks up.



low-rise thin cloth shorts

It's the running trunk type, but it's very shallow. Cloth is thin and doesn't extend. It's transparent little. Central seams rip into a front and a back. S, M and L It has 3 sizes. It would hope that it chooses the size by shallowness and a taste of how to be seen. It's made small, but it isn't thin around the leg.


men's,shorts,low-rise,seen through,Lsize,L,SSS,SS,Man


see-throw mini T-front Rio-Back

It is an ultrathin fabric that can be seen through. T front, but quite shallow very small size. It is a feeling that it seems to protrude a little from the side. The back is an unstable Riobak type. If the penis grows bigger, it will protrude. It is suitable for people who like instability, exposure feeling. There is no seam in front, there is no seam in the crotch.


T-front,thong,Rio-Back,seen through,Extra small ,Male,underwear,Sexy


Unisexextremely thinBoxer

unisex. Extremely thin fabric, very transparent. Smooth touch. Very shallow.