MATT low-rise 55 Boxer

Size L is recommended to the person who doesn't like being shallow. Texture is the comfortable swimsuit material. The putting feeling it fits tightly rather shallowly overall. The person who likes tightness shallowly recommends to choose small size. The person who likes deep recommends to choose large size.
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Penis Restriction supporter

3 circles pierce in the front lengthwise belt. There is a plastic ring in the bottom. A penis and a ball are put in a plastic ring. And a penis is put in 3 circles. It's thick and tight by solid rubber. Very shallow.. It tightens tight. Even 7 centimeters of belt (is elastic) from ring upper end. It's 10 centimeters (It's elastic.) around the ring. A plastic ring is made of the abs resin. (5 centimeters of inside diameter. There is rubber, so about 4.5 centimeters of substance)
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MATT low-rise jump out Boxer

The main body is thick and solid swimsuit material, only the front penis part is made of soft and well extended microfiber cloth. The main part and the front part differ slightly in color, but I think that how it looks will differ depending on conditions such as lighting. The penis is popping out in the front. But this part is not made too big. For a person with a long penis, the fabric stretches well. It is shallow low rise, it is a pleasing wearing comfort. Since it is a soft fabric only on the part of the penis, comfort is pleasant.

MATT Print Swimsuit RIBERO

It's soft cloth of texture little rather thick. There is a print in the front and the back. An inner (lining) sticks to the front center, and a waist is with strings attached. Cloth extend much, so from a rather small person to a rather big person, and a body fits almost all person.


extremely thin cloth Boxer

It's very thin and is Transparent. The surface is very smooth sheer cloth. It's a low rise-type, but it isn't too shallow and is the shape that it's easy to put on. A bulge is put on the previous cup part a little.


It's a low rise little and is seamless in the center of the front. There are 2 lines in the right side. There is a logo print in the left side. An inner is inside the front. With strings attached. It has the sense tightened up. Size M fits a person of size less than 90 centimeters of hip. Size L fits a person of size less than 95 centimeters of hip. It's rather a little small for the person with a thick thigh.
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Luster 2WAY Center seam leggings

It was glossy, light and smooth, the cloth which extend much. A Rise is slightly rather shallower than something general, but it has been done as it isn't too shallow. It's with center seams. A wide line in a side is 15 centimeters. It isn't transparent, so it can be put on in a gym.
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