bulge Teardrop low-rise Boxer

The light cloth which lengthenses much.
A front is the teardrop type.
It's suitable for a big penis and a penis which faces to the bottom.
How to be seen is different in time when a penis is done to look up and look down.
Very shallow.

KH518  2WAY bulge Teardrop low-rise Boxer     


Power net Trunks

It's a steady net cloth rather thick.
It's rather strong tension, so it has the sense tightened up.
A front is made of the cup type rather shallowly in the whole.
It's a net cloth, so most is transparent and seems.
It fits a person to size 85 centimeters-about 100 centimeters of hip.

KH427 Power net Trunks


Sexy Bulge men's Thong

thin good expansion little bit bigger size

It's thin, is soft and is the 2WAY cloth with the smooth surface.

It's rather big little, so Front part is comfortable putting feeling.

A cloth extend quite much, so it can be put on deeply, so it's also all right with a big body.

It's steady rather thick, but waist rubber is soft rubber of texture.
A front part has no seams.

KH401 2WAY Micro fiber Tricot Thong 



Bulge Ultra long John

It isn't that thick, is steady and is a cloth of a light feel.

It extend, but there is a fitting feel.

These are only size M.

Please consult the size indicated on the lower right by the yellow character.


Peachy Butts Bikini

A plain bikini of cotton.
There are no seams at the front.
The putting feeling done tight.
The bottom is the fullback it enters entirely.
There are S, M and size L.
Comparison with the size is this.
It's with an accent of the tag in the back.

KH329 back tag Fullback