Micro fiber Teardrop bikini

The surface is steady and isn't that thick, and micro fiber fabric with NUMERI sense.
A front part is made of the teardrop type shallowly overall.
How to be seen puts on a penis in the time done to look down and the time done to look up, and feeling is being different.
There is tightening feeling done tight.


see-throw head below G-strings

transparent、Shine、good expansion
It's transparent, it shines, it often develops.
It's glossy little at a thin and transparent birthplace and is the birthplace where the feel made Sara often develops.
There is a volume to the lower way, so I'm turning to put back if anything to look down.
Even if it's done to look up, (the right picture) it's OK.
You can despise and it's rather small, so that it becomes big at the inside, to the extent it doesn't finish being settled any more, and fabric is ME tightly, so a sense tightens up lightly and is here.
A washing name is put so that it may be easy to cut off.


Erection Trunks

It is the cloth which I am smooth, and lengthens in thinness well softly.
I jump out in the form that a forerunner pushes up on the top. (it becomes the form of the curve)
Because dough gets soggy well, I come even if I erect.
浅 めですが is not too shallow to some extent and is size to be able to wear easily generally.


Micro fiber 、No SeamFullback

Rather quite shallowly, it's a low rise fullback with a light tightening sense.
The surface is soft and is micro fiber fabric with a sentimental sense, and the shape has the feature which tends to be clear for this fabric, and junk package is done.
If it becomes big at the inside, it's shallowness which is to the extent it's distinctive, from the top.