Grasp innner side open running shorts

the transformation with rubber which fastens a root -- they are maniac goods [ tic ]

The belt made of rubber which carried out KH359 and the same type into running shorts is attached.

Since the root of a ball and a penice is fastened hard and a few is pushed out in front, it will be in a Emphasized-penis state strange to strange tie

Two buttons are taking lessons from the side and the side can be adjusted.

KH360 Grasp innner side open running shorts



Small thin men's thong

It's very thin, is soft and is the TMS fabric which often develops.
You can despise overall and a forerunner has no seams small.
It's the fabric which often develops, but it's rather small, so it's tightened up tight and there is a sense.


MiraCosmo, masculine briefs

It is the smooth cloth which is transparent for the light touch.
In 深 めの fullbacks, there is a seam in the forerunner center, and there is some swelling to some extent.
Neighboring rubber is the ピチ っとした touch, but some penile rotations are unhurried feelings.


KH506 Grasp Inner rubber low-rise Boxer

Bulge emphasis boxer with a rubber which strangles the root
Rubber with a same shape as KH359 is inside.
Base of an arm and a ball is strangled and put on firm by rubber.
Thigh duck KKORI, the guy who tends to well up recently is saved, and it'll be difficult to be steamed by a thigh and it is, firm, with a tightening sense, there is a feature.
Medium rubber is covered from the top and it's held by the bottom (The part where I formed a ring sticks to the front out.)


Elephant BIKINI

A penis portion is common [ every ] and is 10cm in length. The tip is opened.
Since cloth is extended well, it is not concerned with the size of a penis but anyone enters.
Since cloth is thin and soft even when cloth passes not much, it draws near to the origin and can adjust.
When it rises up, only the head can also take out from a tip.
The volume of the place under a penis is devised so that a Testis may not overflow. 縲�
On the whole in slight shallowness, it is smallish.


short tank

You may be thin and are growth, smooth 2WAY cloth.
Because is thin, and is smooth; of the nipple is touched, and a feeling is v.g.


MINI G-strings

thin little bit transparent verysmall
Thin, it's transparent little, very small.
It's to the extent it's thin and transparent little, the fabric which develops very often.
It was very small, but fabric often developed, so without sticking up, a forerunner could put it on.
It's very shallow, so I think I stick out if it becomes big at the inside.
It's so very thin that it develops and is really transparent little, but return is also rather strong and steady TMK fabric.


4 Silicon rings bulge G-strings

A luxurious G strike with 4 silicon rings.
They're the part of string where a penis is maintained and a part of the cloth hit against the front, and done.
There are 4 silicon rings in string.
A big ring for roots through Tama and an arm, 1.
There are 3 small rings let through in an arm.
Cloth for the front often develops, so even if I well up at the inside, you follow fairly.
A small ring for penises is soft and often develops, so I fit everyone.
(2 cm-8 cm of inside diameter)
By a rather strong silicon and a big ring for roots is 5 centimeters of rather big inside diameter and is the size even a ring beginner tends to put in little.
It isn't tightened up tight conversely, so I'd hope that a ring expert loads together with an independent ring.


KH505 Cotton low-rise 55 Boxer

shallow、peachy butt Emphasis
Because I grow with thin cotton cloth well, it is shallow, but it is easy to wear it and even the person whom even a person lowering a penis does upward is good and fits it.
There are medium size and large size, but thinks that I should change size for shallowness, preference of the vanity.


KH346 MIRACOSMO take out a penis G-strings

Only as for KH346 Mira Cosmo ball, it is G strike
I am thin, and be seen through a little and is solid cloth comparatively.
Because there is a hole in a part in a little in hemicycle (when I wear it a hemisphere type) from the middle, a forerunner comes to take out only a penis from here.
Because diameter of hole is 2.5 centimeters and grows to around 4 centimeters, I am all right from slenderness to a big penis.
The washing name is easily drunk to be easy to remove it.