Front mesh supporter

Front part is flexible at the close-grained mesh cloth with the smooth surface.
The rubber is soft rather thin.
It's rather shallow little, but it extend, so a big body can be put on.

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Grasp innner side open running shorts

the transformation with rubber which fastens a root -- they are maniac goods [ tic ]

The belt made of rubber which carried out KH359 and the same type into running shorts is attached.

Since the root of a ball and a penice is fastened hard and a few is pushed out in front, it will be in a Emphasized-penis state strange to strange tie

Two buttons are taking lessons from the side and the side can be adjusted.
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KH360 Grasp innner side open running shorts


Big junk package Boxer

It isn't that shallow and is a boxer with the regular size so often, but a part of a penis is different.

The person with a very big penis, always, a tongue-, I'm turning to the person who has the feel of a material to look down.

The penis part has been made small, so they seem to force and fix on declining firm.
Junk package put on tight pants, and mean a front, it's good for red snapper person, too, but when fabric remains a little, I think a penis isn't big.

KH517 Big junk package Boxer