Penis Restriction ball exposes bikini

A penis is done to look up. Steady and glossy 2WAY cloth. Crotch is open, and when it's put on, a ball exposes. A front, it seems to be a ladder, it's and is the shape that a penis is restricted and exposed to look up. This is shallow. The front is small. Even the person with the long length of the penis rushes to the top, so it enters. The lengthwise length of the Front part is about 7 centimeters, so the length of the penis is also satisfied with rather shortness.
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extremely thin No Seam leggings

Sheer cloth, Transparent, low rise and seamlessness Very thin and light transparent cloth. It's very delicate and is thin cloth, so please handle it gently. By a low rise and a front is seamless. There is a light fitting feel by smooth texture. It's transparent, so it doesn't turn for outdoors and training. Without using a washing machine, please hand-wash it.
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