Soft 2WAY see-through leggings

A birthplace where a light feel is transparent.
It's rather shallow on the thigh, in previous Chuo, without seams.

There is a light fitting feel by smooth texture.
It's transparent, so I don't turn for outdoors and training.


fake leather open and jump out Trunks

The body is fake leather (artificial leather) fabric like leather.
The previous penis part becomes sheer and very good.
Only the top and the bottom is held and a side part isn't being sewn, so to make projecting good it's possible to take a penis out of the side.
By the material which doesn't develop and the body is steady putting feeling.
A penis part is soft and develops very often.


KH417 low-rise、colorbikini

tightly  feel

A luxurious bikini using fabric for very steady swimsuits.
It's rather shallow in the whole, but the front is the cup type, and a settlement becomes very good.
It's shallowness which will be to the extent it'll be a smaller one and Hann bottom, but without tightening up too much before there is a steady fitting feel, the bottom is a very easy feel.