Penis Belt Super low-rise Boxer

The body is the same one just as KH273, but a rubber belt is on inside the previous cup.
This rubber belt is a magic tape, it seems to hold, it is, and it's wound on base of a penis and a ball and it's used.
By winding by a belt and the whole penis is to be pressed, increase the volume and tighten the root at the front, and it becomes easy to erection.
If anything it's suitable for the person who does a penis to look down.
A forerunner has the volume to the lower way, and cloth also extend, so only a penis is satisfied with the person with a big penis much, too.
But it's shallow overall, so it'll be Harf Butts.
A rubber belt is 16 centimeters of length in the state which opened.

KH532 Penis Belt Super low-rise Boxer




Luster Leggings and Tanktop

It was glossy, light and smooth, the cloth which extend much.

A Rise is slightly rather shallower than something general, but it has been done as it isn't too shallow.
It's with center seams.

A wide line in a side is 15 centimeters.
It isn't transparent, so it can be put on in a gym.

KH529  Luster 2WAY Center seam leggings

KH441 LYCRAfiber Tank top


Exposure holey G-st.

It's glossy and light feel the cloth which extend much.

Front part is an arch (that it's put on, the hemisphere type) and has a hole in an upper part more slightly than a center, so from here, only a penis, it seems to take it out, it'll be.

A diameter in a hole extend up to about 4 centimeters for 2.5 centimeters, so even a thick penis is OK from attenuation.

KH377  Holey porch G-strings


short leggings

It's thin but steady.
The surface is very soft micro fiber cloth.
A short legging.

But it's comfortable rather big overall.
It's only size M, but all person from size 80 centimeters of hip to about 110 centimeters can put it on.

It isn't tight around the leg. Even a thick person is OK with a leg.
If it's less than 40 centimeters of person around the leg conversely, cloth remains.

This cloth tends to stick to skin, and the shape of the penis tends to go out clear.

KH522 Micro fiber Short leggings

Jocks Bikini

Jocks strap rubber was put on the bikini with the same shape as KH187.

It's rather shallow overall.

Being bulging little and without tightening a penis up too much, a front is easy putting feeling.

Rubber is the one of thick strengthening and is the feel done tight.

KH408  Cotton Stitch JOCKS bikini


Penis Restriction Choker Belt and bulge leggings

A hook is hung on a collar.
A ring is shown into a ball and a penis.
(There is nothing in the back only at the front side of a body.)

Because 3 circles move freely, it can be controlled according to the size of the penis also it's possible to remove a circle.

KH190 Penis Restriction Choker Belt

KH529  Luster 2WAY Center seam leggings


Exposure penis ring G-st.

Flat cloth.
3 circles.
Unstable feeling.
The structure for the penis which erectioned.

KH381 Three rings G-strings



sexy short tanktop

The surface is steady, and very soft.
Micro fiber cloth with wet feel.

Cloth is the light feeling, but a steady fitting feel is here.

It's very shallow, so the bottom sticks up a little.

It isn't the cup type, so a penis part is a tight feel.

KH435 Micro fiber 、low-riseBoxer

KH434 Micro fiber 、ShortTank top