low-rise bikini

This is very shallow.
A low rise.
The surface is soft and is a micro fiber Cloth with wetty feel.
It's too small underwear in the penis which welled up.





Luster Tasset trunks

A front is turned up and is the shape that a penis part is seen.
The shape like Tasset.
The back is also the shape that a center is turned up and is seen a little.
It's glossy and steady, but it lengthenses much, so there are no too strong tightening senses, and cloth is putting feeling easier than the appearance.

KH438 Luster Tasset trunks


masculine briefs

A smooth cloth transparent by a light feel.
There are seams in the front part center by a rather deep fullback little, and it's bulging a little.
It's strong in the surrounding rubber, but it seems to have felt easy around the penis.


KH355 MiraCosmo, masculine briefs



Luster Bulge Bikini

LYCRAfiber cloth (the strong luster which isn't thick and the durability which extend much).
It isn't too shallow and is stable putting feeling.



sexy shorts

Cloth of the light feel which looks like polyurethane.
White is transparent.
It's a low rise, but it's the shorts type, so it's comfortably.



Bulge leggings

It's thin but steady.
The surface is very soft micro fiber cloth.
A short legging.
But it's comfortable rather big overall.
It's only size M, but all person from size 80 centimeters of hip to about 110 centimeters can put it on.
It isn't tight around the leg. Even a thick person is OK with a leg.
If it's less than 40 centimeters of person around the leg conversely, cloth remains.
This cloth tends to stick to skin, and the shape of the penis tends to go out clear.


KH522 Micro fiber Shortleggings