cock ring belt

The structure like the right picture.
It's pulled to a front through crotch and it's wound on a penis.
A penis and a ball are wound by rubber together and it's held by a magic tape.
A penis is pulled down.
It puts it on under the underwear and makes them do bulge.
Rubber is 1 for the back.
It's thick rubber, so a crack in the bottom is pressed.

KH274 Grasp inner Rubber Thong


Bulge Body Suit

It's soft cloth like cotton.
The length extend up to about 110 centimeters for 63 centimeters, so everyone fits.
A bow tie is the specification held by a safety pin in order to remove.
Please also remove at washing.

KH432 Bow tie Straight Body suit




Tightly Low-rise Bulge Bikini

Tight putting feeling
A luxurious bikini using a cloth for very steady swimsuits.
It's shallow, but a front is the cup type, and there is space for a penis.
The bottom is rather small and is shallowness which will be to the extent it'll be Harf Butts.
There is a steady fitting feel.
Without tightening up too much, a front is a very easy feel.

KH417 low-rise、color bikini



men's sexy bottom-less

The shape like the skirt.
When it's put on, it's seen like trunks, but when a bottom is unbuttoned, the bottom will be opening.
A button is fixed rather hard.
It has the sense tightened up and it becomes rather shallow in the whole.
The 2WAY cloth which improves in a light feel much.

KH104M  Luster bottom-less



Bulge Cotton Bikini

Cotton and tightness. All bottom is covered.
The plain bikini which has no seams at the front.
There is a fitting feel done tight.
It's rather shallow little overall.
It's very easy to put on.
There are S, M and size L.
If liking tight and shallow, it's better to choose small size.

KH154  KH plain bikini



Front mesh supporter

Front part is flexible at the close-grained mesh cloth with the smooth surface.The rubber is soft rather thin.
It's rather shallow little, but it extend, so a big body can be put on.

KH368 Front mesh supporter