small stretch transparent G-strings

It's small, but it extend much. It's transparent little rather thin.
It has a very small shape, but a cloth extend much, so without sticking out, it's possible to put it on.
When a penis erectioned, a cloth extend quite much.
It's Mira Cosmo cloth of smooth texture by thinness which is to the extent it's transparent, little.

KH321 Stretch beans G-strings



transparent sexy underwear for men

Very thin, soft, delicate and transparent cloth (SMK).
There are no seams in the front side at all.
Rubber has been put around the leg, so it's steady putting feeling.
Cloth is Transparent, so most becomes completely exposed to view.
Texture and a fitting feel are very good.
Even if it's shallow, it's easy to put on.

KH92 SMK no-seam most shallow Trunks



Bulge Pad thong

A pad is included inside.
A pad is the same material as a pad of a bra.

 It's possible to wash and it's also absorbent and is the soft material like a sponge.

Both sides on the front have a hole of Triangle small.

There is also separate sale, so a pad can put it in with 2 and 3.
When overstraining oneself, it enters about 4.

 KH264 Delta pad Thong



enamel cock belt and shorts

A thick and glossy enamel cloth.
The length 7.5 centimeter inside diameter is 4.5 centimeters.
It can be controlled, so even a dramatically thick person is OK with string.
The string has been made long, so it's possible to tie the root of a ball by excess string.

KH302 low-rise thin cloth shorts


KH258 enamel cock belt


Men's Swim shorts

It's soft cloth of texture little rather thick.There is a print in the front and the back.An inner (lining) sticks to the front center, and a waist is with strings attached.
Cloth extend much, so from a rather small person to a rather big person, and a body fits almost all person.