grasp Inner rubber low-rise Boxer

Junk package emphasis boxer with a rubber which strangles a penis
Rubber with a same shape as KH359 is inside.
A penis and a ball are strangled and put on firm by rubber.
A thigh space does bulge. It becomes easy to erection. A ball becomes saved and difficult steamed by a thigh. It's tightened up firm.

KH506 grasp Inner rubber low-rise Boxer


Micro fiber No Seam bikini

Very shallow.

It's tightened up a little.

The surface is very soft cloth.

It's very shallow, so a penis seems to go out of the top.

KH380 Micro fiber No Seam Fullback



Ccolorful long Boxer

Texture is comfortable.
The material for strong swimsuits.
A tight feel.

The length is 32 centimeters.
When it's put on, it'll be 40 centimeters-about 48 centimeters (the length from the waist upper part to the foot).

The hip size fits a person of 80 centimeters-about 98 centimeters.
A Rise becomes rather shallow.

KH525 Ccolorful long Boxer




beans G-strings

T front G-strings like which shaped like the margin of the beans.
The original shape is very small, but cloth extend much, so when increasing and covering much, everyone can put it on.
When a penis erectioned, it extend, so it follows fairly.
The lengthwise length is about 11 centimeters and when it's increased, even about 22 centimeters of penis part improves.
A washing name is done because it drinks so that it may be easy to remove.
When putting it on, everyone increases much, and when arranging so that it may be covered much, fits.

KH389  LYCRAfiber beans G-strings




MEN'S Leotards

It's light and is the cloth which extend much.

It's one size, but a cloth extend much, so most people from 160 centimeters of height to about 190 centimeters fit.

It's the shape for ordinary sports which aren't that so much sexy.

KH348 2WAY MEN'S Leotards




Micro fiber ErectionTrunks

A penis part is distinctive to the top.(It shapes like the special curve.)

Cloth is steady and is micro fiber cloth with wetty feel with the very soft surface.

Cloth doesn't extend too much, so a penis feel tightly.
Please cover a glans much and put it on so that cloth in a point of a penis doesn't remain.

KH451 Micro fiber ErectionTrunks