Low-rise Binder Briefs

MATT fabric of the steady swimsuit material.
It often develops, but rather hard, there is also a rather strong fitting feel compared with cotton return.
There is a tape-like binder around the front part, and it'll be the feeling to lift GU only way Tama.
It's a low rise, so if I'm a medium person with the person who doesn't like a shallow one, I think I'd like size L exactly.


Front mesh supporter

A front part is flexible at the close-grained mesh birthplace with the smooth surface.
A part of rubber is being rather light and is using something soft.
It's rather shallow little, but it develops, so even a rather big person is OK with a body.



A luxurious bikini using fabric for very steady swimsuits.
It's rather shallow in the whole, but the front is the cup type, and a settlement becomes very good.
It's shallowness which will be to the extent it'll be a smaller one and Hann bottom, but without tightening up too much before there is a steady fitting feel, the bottom is a very easy feel.


one side G-strings

A non-sense of stability Exposure feel
Unstableness sense exposure sense
The body is SP2WAY fabric, and a string part is rather strong swimsuit fabric.
Something with the same shape as made one was reproduced before about 10 years.
The string had been made rather strong in this one at a swimsuit birthplace, so without becoming loose, I increased in sense of stability a little.
A penis is put back for the slanting top, but a front part is unstable small, so I think I nearly stick up if a penis becomes big.


Penis Restriction Choker Belt

A hook is hung on a collar and a ring in the bottom tip is shown into Tama and an arm.
(There is nothing in the back only at the front side of a body.)
3 circles aren't held at the body, so because it moves freely, it can be controlled according to the size of the penis also it's possible to remove a circle, so only in 2, it's done, possible.
The lengthwise length (from upper end of metal fittings to the ring upper end)
40 centimeters (It's elastic, so, it develops up to 90 centimeters.)
40 centimeters of collar environment (It's elastic, so, it develops up to 90 centimeters.)
Because I have taken something very easy for a collar.
Please also have a collar of separate sale by all means.


Soft 2WAY see-through leggings

A birthplace where a light feel is transparent.
It's rather shallow on the thigh, in previous Chuo, without seams.

There is a light fitting feel by smooth texture.
It's transparent, so I don't turn for outdoors and training.


Pocket race up Boxer

Stable putting feeling.
A front part becomes double, and to open an inner part in front of the bikini and the outside in U-shape, by string, they seem to hold, it is.
So the front is like a pocket.
Fabric also becomes double the previous side part so that it may be added to a front part, so the side is a pocket.
It's worn, and it's an easy pretty boxer.


ColorBinder triangle back Thong

Later didn't come across the one which becomes the triangle so much recently, so reproduction was reproduced.
They make it thin tight, but the body is thin, and soft, entourage don't tighten up so much.
It's the specification which made the joint of waist string previous Waki.
It's thin, is soft and is the SP2WAY fabric which develops very often.


Metallic Fullback

Steady glossy metallic fabric.
It's hard light fabric little at the birthplace which isn't thicker than the appearance.
Despise little overall, the bottom, in a fullback and the front part center, without seams, without floating, it was able to put it on accurately aside of the ball.
It isn't tightened up too hard and it's the bikini I tend to put on very much.
If anything it's suitable for the person who would like to put a penis in looking up.