Floating Binder Fullback、X

steady 2WAY fabric used for a swimsuit

The front and the back string rise and move.

2 of front string crosses as X.

Various expressions can be made like a picture.

The volume under the thigh has been increased because the front can be inflated.

KH424 Floating Binder Fullback、X



Elephant Bikini and Metallic Trunks

A penis portion is common [ every ] and is 10cm in length. The tip is opened.
Since cloth is extended well, it is not concerned with the size of a penis but anyone enters.

Since cloth is thin and soft even when cloth passes not much, it draws near to the origin and can adjust.

When it rises up, only the head can also take out from a tip.

The volume of the place under a penis is devised so that a Testis may not overflow. 縲�

On the whole in slight shallowness, it is smallish.

KH228 Elephant HB

KH230 MetallicTrunks



Asshole!? O-back Bikini

There is a hole in buttocks with shallow bikini in the whole.
The back passage is slightly lower one, an area of  anal.
There is luster, and smooth judo is cloth lengthening well to write.
Enjoy the waist rubber well; tightly.
A forerunner does not have the seam.

KH124 KH O-back bikini