Shallow Teardrop colorful Boxer

A forerunner has enough room for the volume so often by the teardrop type.
The person who does to look up and the person who does to look down are settled tightly.
I rip into the whole in the bottom rather shallowly, a touch and MU is done boringly.
It's shallow, but there is a fitting feel which is the shape that the shape around the Tama and around the thigh was devised and becomes stable.





Floating Binder Fullback Straight

It's usually the steady 2WAY fabric used for a swimsuit.
If it's ordinary from the bottom to the front, the tape part sewn on the body is the fascinating bikini which rises.
The front becomes lengthwise in 2, so it's various like a picture, how to put it on is the slightly different fascinating bikini which can be done.
The area under the thigh has been increased and made a little as the previous fabric is pulled and the volume is increased, and it may form variously.

KH423 Floating Binder Fullback Straight

KH424 Floating Binder Fullback、X

KH416 Floating binder Fullback STAFNI



Side open thin cloth shorts with Inner rubber

It's because an inner of rubber is inside, and standing on hind legs is being lifted, that the front does junk package and sees awfully.
HENTAICHIKKU which makes do junk package strangely, a shallow shorts.
2 buttons have arrived at both sides, and it's possible to open the side.
It's the running trunk type, but it's very shallow and done.
Fabric is transparent little by ray at the birthplace which is thin and doesn't develop.
In spite of the size of the body and they're shallowness and how to be seen, you like and I'd hope that you choose the size.

KH319 Side open thin cloth shorts with Inner rubber