supporter with a penis restricted rotor

It is with 4 rings made by one plastic ring, 3 cloth ring.
The upper previous center is with a rotor pocket inward.
It is with a controller holder later.
I show Nemoto into the plastic ring and put a ring made by cloth through the penis.
The cover in front is removable.
A rotor is attached.

KH313 supporter with a penis restricted rotor



Penis Restriction Choker Belt

A hook is hung on a collar and a ring in the bottom tip is shown into Tama and an arm.
(There is nothing in the back only at the front side of a body.)
3 circles aren't held at the body, so because it moves freely, it can be controlled according to the size of the penis also it's possible to remove a circle, so only in 2, it's done, possible.
The lengthwise length (from upper end of metal fittings to the ring upper end)
40 centimeters (It's elastic, so, it develops up to 90 centimeters.)
40 centimeters of collar environment (It's elastic, so, it develops up to 90 centimeters.)
Because I have taken something very easy for a collar.
Please also have a collar of separate sale by all means.

KH190 Penis Restriction Choker Belt



M back low-rise bikini

And fresh, small SPEEDO prefer Hann bottom, the shallow and tight bikini for people.
It looks like SPEEDO at a birthplace for swimsuits, but there aren't an inner and string.
Even if I get wet with water, it isn't too transparent, so I think it may be used as a swimsuit.
It's possible to put it on from a person of size 80 centimeters of hip to about 95 centimeters of person.
If very very tughtly are a favorite person, 100 centimeters of hip is close, it can be put on.

KH430 M back low-rise bikini



penis G-strings

Only as for KH346 Mira Cosmo ball, it is G strike
I am thin, and be seen through a little and is solid cloth comparatively.
Because there is a hole in a part in a little in hemicycle (when I wear it a hemisphere type) from the middle, a forerunner comes to take out only a penis from here.
Because diameter of hole is 2.5 centimeters and grows to around 4 centimeters, I am all right from slenderness to a big penis.
The washing name is easily drunk to be easy to remove it.

KH346 MIRACOSMO take out a penis G-strings