Luster bottomless   4 rings and strings G-strings

    KH78 Luster bottomless
A picture puts on white T. Buck in the bottom and is taking a picture.

Before it's the cylindrical shape like the skirt, string, they seem to hit, it is.
It's very shallow and done, so when it's lowered and it isn't put on, I stick out from the bottom.
It's held by string from the front, so it's seen like trunks seemingly.
It's held under the thigh, and when the hook which is under the thigh is removed, opens all the way.
That a hook is pushed, snap, come something to tend to handle it is being used.
Even if I'm stark-naked and put it on, I think you may combine T. Buck and other things with the bottom and put it on.
More than 98 centimeters of body which is here is slightly tight by a hip for a big person.

KH133 4 rings and strings G-strings
A part with the cloth does not have cloth and usually becomes only the frame.
Four rings go and let you go through to a willie.
Only one of four of them is usable to tighten サオ and Tama with the origin in the slightly bigger thing which there is in a ring.
Because I attach the washing tag to be easy to cut it, and there is it, please cut it if I interfere.


KH302 low-risethin cloth shorts

It's the running trunk type, but it's very shallow and done.
Fabric is transparent little by ray at the birthplace which is thin and doesn't develop.
Central seams rip into the front and later with GUI.
There is SML 3 size, in spite of the size of the body and they're shallowness and how to be seen, you like and I'd hope that you choose the size.
It's made small so as not to become too baggy but one around the leg affords little.

race up long Boxer

KH327 race up long Boxer S、Msize
A front part is the shape in front of the bikini, and the lace rise part has been covered like a door on it, so in spite of control of string and it's the feature that I'd like a settlement at the inside.
So I make the string slovenly, make it an opening touch and finish firm, and it's how to be seen, you like and it can be controlled.
A front part loves comfortably and is easy putting feeling.
It's flexible at a rather thick steady cotton birthplace little.
There is string of separate sale.
Nylon string (A section is thin circularly and really slippery, and it's easy to handle.)
Cotton string (the same one as string which has arrived at this product)


KH417 low-rise、colorbikini

tightly  feel

A luxurious bikini using fabric for very steady swimsuits.
It's rather shallow in the whole, but the front is the cup type, and a settlement becomes very good.
It's shallowness which will be to the extent it'll be a smaller one and Hann bottom, but without tightening up too much before there is a steady fitting feel, the bottom is a very easy feel.


4 rings G-strings and Shorts

KH133 4 rings and strings G-strings

KH302 low-rise thin cloth shorts

KH416 Floating binder Fullback

It's usually the steady 2WAY fabric used for a swimsuit.

If it's ordinary from the bottom to the front, the tape part sewn on the body is the fascinating bikini which rises.

The person who controlled and fingered the straw mat RI condition is surprised, and blow with binder, please, spite and enjoy oneself variously.


KH271 fake leather open and jump out Trunks

The body is fake leather (artificial leather) fabric like leather.
The previous penis part becomes sheer and very good.
Only the top and the bottom is held and a side part isn't being sewn, so to make projecting good it's possible to take a penis out of the side.
By the material which doesn't develop and the body is steady putting feeling.
A penis part is soft and develops very often.