Stretch Slender Luster shorts

It was glossy, light and smooth, the cloth which extend much.

It has been made rather thinly around the leg.

easy to fit a body.

Cloth extend much.

KH535  Stretch Slender Luster shorts





Luster low-rise seamless leggings

The same cloth as KH529 and the same shape.
But a front is seamless.

15 centimeters of line in a side is the width.
A Rise is made slightly rather shallowly.

A front is seamless, so expansion becomes a lot more.

Most people can put it on well exactly.

KH533  Luster low-rise seamless leggings





Super Low-rise

It's the same swimsuit material with KH500.
Very shallow.

The feel with the refreshing swimsuit material.

The durability is also much more excellent than cotton.

KH536  Super low-rise MATT Boxer




Men's skirt?

The shape like the skirt.
When it's put on, it's seen like trunks, but when a bottom is unbuttoned, the bottom will be opening.

A button is fixed rather hard.

It has the sense tightened up and it becomes rather shallow in the whole.

The 2WAY cloth which improves in a light feel much

KH449  Luster Bottomless