4 Silicon ring BIKINI

A luxurious G strike with 4 silicon rings.
The 2WAY fabric which is soft and develops very often rather thin.
The previous fabric often develops, so even if I well up at the inside, please follow fairly, by a button, they seem to hold, it is, and it's possible to remove.
A big ring for roots through Tama and an arm, 1.
There are 3 small rings let through in an arm.
During being big, it's small size and 3 of bigness, so such as bringing a small ring to the part I'd like to tighten hard, 3 small rings are made.
A small ring for penises is soft and often develops, so I fit everyone.
(2 cm-8 cm of inside diameter)
By a rather strong silicon and a big ring for roots is 5 centimeters of rather big inside diameter and is the size even a ring beginner tends to put in little.


Metallic Bikini

Steady glossy metallic fabric.
It's hard light fabric little at the birthplace which isn't thicker than the appearance.
Despise little overall, the bottom, in a fullback and the front part center, without seams, without floating, it was able to put it on accurately aside of the ball.
It isn't tightened up too hard and it's the bikini I tend to put on very much.
If anything it's suitable for the person who would like to put a penis in looking up


seamless long spats

Of course I can use it as tights for protection against the cold, but rise is shallow, and there is it because therefore there is not it with the product which I made. It is the form that lengthened a thing of the form same as KH057.
Because rise was deep, I wore the tights for protection against the cold and I was comfortable, but I gave priority to seductiveness and did the rise visually because it was slightly shameful to be able to be surprised and lost a seam at all forward. There is a seam in the middle of buttocks.

KH035 seamless long spats


HD low-rise Briefs

The front makes the shape near T letter it'll be shallow at a side.
A forerunner has the size in which the person with a big penis can put the volume to look down rather big.
The stitch in the front part center is also made rather thick, and they're briefs of a masculine image overall, but it's done rather shallowly.


Center tape Fullback

The putting feeling and the fullback easy comfortably
It's rather thick steady cotton fabric little.
Waist rubber is tightly and is soft texture rather thick.
A tape like a binder in a side is running to the front part center.
It isn't that small and is comfortable putting feeling.
A side is big and open, but the bottom is a fullback.
When even a person who usually puts on size M and size L would like to put it on tight, I'd hope that you choose the size under the one.


Low-rise thin cloth shorts

It's the running trunk type, but it's very shallow and done.
Fabric is transparent little by ray at the birthplace which is thin and doesn't develop.
Central seams rip into the front and back with GUI.
There is SML 3 size, in spite of the size of the body and they're shallowness and how to be seen, you like and I'd hope that you choose the size.
It's made small so as not to become too baggy but one around the leg affords little.