Luster low-rise seamless leggings

The same cloth as KH529 and the same shape.
But a front is seamless.

15 centimeters of line in a side is the width.
A Rise is made slightly rather shallowly.

A front is seamless, so expansion becomes a lot more.

Most people can put it on well exactly.

These goods are one sizes (only size M).

KH533  Luster low-rise seamless leggings


Good Swim suit Material low-rise Boxer

Size L is recommended to the person who doesn't like being shallow.

Texture is the comfortable swimsuit material.
The putting feeling it fits tightly rather shallowly overall.

The person who likes tightness shallowly recommends to choose small size.

The person who likes deep recommends to choose large size.

KH500P   MATT low-rise 55 Boxer


peachy butts bikini like a swimsuit of the swimsuit material

The bikini which looks like SPEEDO.

It isn't a swimsuit, so there isn't an inner at the front.

It's thick and is a steady cloth.

When it gets wet with water, white is transparent little.

There is a fitting feel done tight.

KH347 M-Back bikini



A penis part is distinctive to the top.(It shapes like the special curve.)

Cloth is steady and is micro fiber cloth with wetty feel with the very soft surface.

Cloth doesn't extend too much, so a penis feel tightly.
Please cover a glans much and put it on so that cloth in a point of a penis doesn't remain.

KH451 Micro fiber ErectionTrunks


O-back bikini

The shallow shape. The bottom has a hole.
A hole in the bottom is around the anus.
It's glossy and is the cloth which often extend soft.

Waist rubber is tightly.
Front part is seamless.

KH124 KH O-back bikini

Cotton Binder bikini

Soft cotton.

It isn't tightened up so much and it's easy putting feeling.
It's the shallow shape, so the upper part in the butt is seen.

There are seams in the front part center, and it's rather small.
But the front isn't that small.

KH386 Cotton Binder bikini