supporter with a penis restricted rotor

With 1 plastic ring and 3 cloth rings.
There is a pocket for a small vibrator.
In the rear, with a controller holder.
It's possible to remove a cover in the front.
A small vibrator attaches.

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KH313 supporter with a penis restricted rotor



ring Attachmen t G-strings

It covers the penis which erectioned with a sack and shows a ring into a ball.
Only a ball is exposed and if a penis isn't in the erectioning state, it doesn't become stable.
10 centimeters of entourage increase a part at the entrance where a penis is put in, and, about 16 centimeters
The length of the penis will increase 11 centimeters, and is 20 centimeters.
One around the base of a penis, a little, it seems to expose, because it'll be.
First it thinks everyone fits.
A ring is made of the silver ABS resin (plastics), and the inside diameter is 5 centimeters.
There is no back lengthwise string.
(There is nothing in crotch.)

KH388  Penis cover ,ring Attachmen tG-strings




Male,Sexy,underwear,string thong,G-st,Penis,ring


KH423 Floating Binder Fullback Straight

A steady 2WAY cloth for swimsuits.
A tape part rises from the bottom to the front.
It's various like a picture, how to put it on will be done.
A slightly different fascinating bikini.
Tight wear sense.

KH423 Floating Binder Fullback Straight






Micro fiber ,seamless leggings

Micro fiber cloth. (The surface is steady rather thin, and very soft and smooth.)

This cloth sticks to skin, and the shape of the bulge tends to go out clear.

A Rise is made rather shallowly.

Front part is seamless.

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KH515 Micro fiber ,seamless leggings


men's,leggings,bulge,Sexy,Male,No Seam,Leggings


Luster low-rise seamless leggings

The same cloth as KH529 and the same shape.
But a front is seamless.

15 centimeters of line in a side is the width.
A Rise is made slightly rather shallowly.

A front is seamless, so expansion becomes a lot more.

Most people can put it on well exactly.

These goods are one sizes (only size M).

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KH533 Luster low-rise seamless leggings