Three rings G-strings

Like the right picture and the body is flat cloth shaped like a leaf.
This is wound with a penis by 3 circles and it's put on.
A ball will be sticking a touch, and there is stability-lessness little.
A cloth extend much, so even quite long penis is OK.

KH345 Three rings G-strings


Power net Teardrop low-rise Boxer

Very shallow. 
Light tightening sense. 
A front cup is the teardrop type.

Mesh cloth.
It's turning to put a penis in to look down.
It's steady mesh cloth, so there is a steady fitting feel.
Size M suits a person to 90 centimeters of hip.
Size L suits a person of more than 90 centimeters of hip.

KH516 Power net Teardrop low-rise Boxer 


Reliable 2WAY seamless leggings

Rather thin but steady 2WAY cloth.
It's the cloth which doesn't extend too much, so there is a steady fitting feel.
It's the seamless type in the front part center.


Very low rise Peachy Butts Boxer

It's rather shallow overall and it isn't tightened up. It's very easy to put on.
A front is the cup type it has to spare. It rips into the bottom.
There are S, M and size L.

KH174 Shallow Cup Boxer


small Cup G-strings

The body is thin, is soft and is the SP 2WAY cloth which extend quite much.
Because string is the rather strong swimsuit material, it's tight.
It's small, but it extend quite much, so a penis enters perfectly.


Bulge Belt

The structure like the right picture.
It's pulled to a front through crotch and it's wound on a penis.
A penis and a ball are wound by rubber together and it's held by a magic tape.
A penis is pulled down.
It puts it on under the underwear and makes them do bulge.

cock ring,bulge,Crotch,volume,tight,Jocks,Erection

KH274 Grasp inner Rubber Thong 

KH275 Grasp inner Rubber V-Back 


transparent bulge briefs

A smooth cloth transparent by a light feel.
There are seams in the front part center by a rather deep fullback little, and it's bulging a little.
It's strong in the surrounding rubber, but it seems to have felt easy around the penis.
men's,see-through,Sexy,package,Briefs,Fullback,bikini,Center seam,MIRACOSMO ,see-throw

KH355 MiraCosmo, masculine briefs