Minimal G-strings suitable for the person who likes sticking up.

It's glossy, is steady, is smooth and is smooth cloth.
It's very small, so a penis doesn't hide.

A penis sticks up certainly.

The back T letter part sews, and is held.
A part of string is 1 centimeter of thickness.

KH382 Luster Extra small G-strings






low-rise thin cloth shorts

It's the running trunk type, but it's very shallow.
Cloth is thin and doesn't extend.

It's transparent little.

Central seams rip into a front and a back.
S, M and L It has 3 sizes.

It would hope that it chooses the size by shallowness and a taste of how to be seen.

It's made small, but it isn't thin around the leg.

There are also a SS size and a SSS size.

KH302 low-rise thin cloth shorts




men's,shorts,low-rise,seen through,Lsize,L,SSS,SS,Man


bulge No Seam low-rise bikini

Very shallow.

It's tightened up a little.

The surface is very soft cloth.

It's very shallow, so a penis seems to go out of the top.

KH380 Micro fiber No SeamFullback




low-rise bikini,Boomerang,Bottoms,junk package,men's,Malebikini,bikiniBriefs


Luster low-rise bikini

The cloth which is glossy and lengthenses quite much.

A little tight feel.

It's shallow and rather small.

But cloth extend much, so it can be put on right.

KH448 Luster low-rise bikini




men's bikini,low-rise bikini,seamless bikini,Male,mini bikini,Luster,2way


Very soft, it sticks to skin. The low rise leggings seamless at the front.

Micro fiber cloth. (The surface is steady rather thin, and very soft and smooth.)

This cloth sticks to skin, and the shape of the bulge tends to go out clear.

A Rise is made rather shallowly.

Front part is seamless.

KH515 Micro fiber ,seamless leggings



men's,leggings,bulge,Sexy,Male,No Seam,Leggings


beans G-strings

T front G-strings like which shaped like the margin of the beans.
The original shape is very small, but cloth extend much, so when increasing and covering much, everyone can put it on.
When a penis erectioned, it extend, so it follows fairly.
The lengthwise length is about 11 centimeters and when it's increased, even about 22 centimeters of penis part improves.
A washing name is done because it drinks so that it may be easy to remove.
When putting it on, everyone increases much, and when arranging so that it may be covered much, fits.

KH389  LYCRAfiber beans G-strings




men's,Sexy,porch,bulge,T-front,Extra small ,G-st

LYCRAfiber Tank top

It's glossy and made of steady cloth rather thinly.

It makes a body fit well, and it's turning to the person who likes putting it on tightly.

When liking tight fit, even 100 centimeters of person can put on the bust and the waist.

You can buy this in the following Internet shops

KH441 LYCRAfiber Tank top


ZENTAI,Unisex,Tank top,men's,Sexy